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Is it Grass or Turf? Does it matter?

Synthetic turf is a great solution for multiple issues in your yard. One of the many reasons we recommend installing artificial turf is for areas with heavy shade, heavy traffic areas and for pets. Once you have determined you do not want to try ground covers as an alternative option, give The Garden Gates Landscape Company a call for a free quote!

Synthetic turf requires no pesticides or harmful chemicals, no mowing, no watering and is pet and kid friendly. With #GrassTex you get a 100% made in the USA product and a beautiful lawn all year round!

The process is pretty simple..

Step 1: Remove a base layer 4-5 inches of soil in depth,

Step 2: Lay down weed fabric, install crushed limestone, add one inch of sand

Step 3: Level for drainage

Step 4: Roll out the turf and staple down. 

The Garden Gates Landscape Company is the official turf dealer and installer of GrassTex in New Orleans, and we are able to offer the most competitive prices on turf in town!

Contact us today for a free estimate 504-608-4606

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