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Garden Design-Long Term Master Plan

Creating the foundation of a workable  garden design is critical to a successful home landscape. Garden design should incorporate all the green space at your home in a marriage with seating areas, pool areas, outdoor entertaining, and the utility areas outside your home. The process to create a “ master” garden plan for your home can be lengthy, time-consuming and costly in the long run.  Working without a long range plan for your garden will only lead to overspending and unnecessarily doing things more than once.  The key to planning any project is making sure to consider all future ideas that you will want to include or leave space open for future additions.  

Where to Start?

There are many important questions to ask when beginning the garden design process: What do I want out of my landscape and how do I find a good garden designer?  Where do I begin to look?  Who do I call? How do I find a professional company? Today, most everyone will either start with a simple search on their smartphone, talk to their neighbors, or look to the larger service providers online.  Once you find a list of designers for your garden, the next step is research.  


  1. Create a list of everything you want in the garden

  2. Establish a budget

  3. Create a project timeline

  4. Make a list of garden designers or landscape architects

  5. Call and set up interviews with each designer

  6. Prepare a list of questions for each interview

  7. Collect designer references

  8. Review all references of each designer

  9. Make your final designer selection

  10. Set up a site design meeting

  11. Review preliminary garden design plans

  12. Note all landscape changes to design

  13. Review completed plan

Using the above list of the 13 steps to a successful garden design will provide you with a working landscape plan.  Once you have the plan, you will be able to begin the process of interviewing landscape contractors,  paver contractors, pool contractors, and shop online for garden accessories.  The reward for these efforts will be years of enjoyment, relaxing in the garden of your dreams.  

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