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First Street Courtyard Makeover!

First Street is a pretty unique project, in that The Garden Gates Landscape Company had been maintaining the property for the past five years and the previous owner was fine with the aesthetics of the courtyard and pool area. Over the years, we would propose a few projects and updates here and there, but for the most part, we maintained the gardens year-round by weeding, fertilizing and trimming.

When the property was sold, the new owners had a new vision for the space and were very motivated to bring it to life. The first step was to have an on-site design meeting to get a better understanding of what the new owners were envisioning for the space and to be able to 'bounce' ideas off each other to figure out what the best design would be. The next step was to develop a landscape plan that would incorporate all of their ideas while fitting into their desired budget. Once the plan was approved by the owners, we lined up our sub-contractors and began work on the project. 

The Garden Gates Landscape Company, in conjunction with other sub-contractors, installed new irrigation and outdoor lighting for the entire yard, completed major tree work trimming, upgraded the drainage, replaced the existing outdated flagstone, made repairs to the existing cracked bricks, refinished the pool and tile as well as upgraded the pool equipment and added new plantings throughout the yard. 

Installation took about 4 months from start to finish, all while the owner had other projects being done to the home during the same time such as painting the exterior, adding gas lanterns and upgrading their home's electrical system. This project is perfect example of how important it is to make sure who you hire is organized and knows how to coordinate with sub-contractors in order to have a successful project that is completed on time and on budget and we believe the end result speaks for itself! 


Check out some of the Before and After photos below!




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