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Benefits of Grass Tex Synthetic Turf

What are the benefits of artificial grass in the New Orleans Area? 

  1. Reduce watering cost 

  2. Perfect Beautiful Lawn 

  3. No Chemicals or Harmful Pesticides Needed 

  4. Reduce maintenance cost 

Artificial Turf Doesn’t Need Water or Maintenance A typical lawn in the New Orleans area needs to be maintained between nine to ten months out of the year. The lush, thick lawns that thrive in New Orleans also require constant care to keep that beautiful, healthy look. Artificial turf doesn't need weekly mowing, fertilizer, water, or treatment for disease and insect.  

The Grass is Actually Greener! 

All grass and sod have a growing cycling and become dormant during the cooler months leaving the landscape dull and brown.  Also, during the dormant times, lawns tend to become overtaken with unsightly weeds that are costly to maintain.  

Artificial grass maintains a continues green color year round and regardless of the outdoor conditions.  Drought, freezing conditions, and even flooding will not change the beautiful green turf.  

Synthetic Turf Is Safe for the Environment 

Artificial turf doesn't require gas or electric equipment for maintenance purposes making it eco-friendly.  Maintaining an artificial lawn requires very little work and just sweeping fallen leaves or debris.  

What is the Install Process for Artificial Lawns? 

Most artificial turf installations have the following steps: 

Excavation of existing earth to a depth of 3-5 inches. Install Weed Fabric. Install 3-4 inches decomposed road-base/crushed concrete. Then Top Off With Mason Sand. Then roll the turf out and use sod staples to pin it down. 

Determining the cost to have artificial turf installed is based on the total number of square feet in general.  

How to calculate the cost of installation Measure the length of the project area.

Measure the Length and Width of the project area. 

1 Roll of Turf will come in 15 foot Wide by However long you need it to be. Then do a little geometry. You will want to keep in mind you want all the blades facing the same direction, and use the least amount of seams possible.

Determine the total amount of Rolls you would need and the amount of waste material.

For the square footage that needs to be installed multiply that amount by $12 and that will be a good average of the turf install price. You will need to multiply the waste by about $5 per square foot and add that to the install price to get your overall price.


* Note: Twelve dollars a square foot is an average price for artificial turf installation in the New Orleans metro area.  Grass Tex provides the industry's best product installed as per manufacturer recommendations.   

To learn more about the benefits of artificial turf and to schedule an appointment call The Garden Gates Landscape Company at 504-608-4606 .  

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