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Benefits of Mulching

New Orleans Landscapes are so lush with beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs we often forget about the details that promote healthy landscapes. There are several benefits to maintaining organic mulch in the landscape and here are the four most important.

1. Protection from Extreme Weather Changes

Maintaining a consistent soil temperature for plants creates the best growing environment to longterm health. Using mulch to control the changes in soil temperature in extreme heat as well as extreme cold is one of the best solutions. The Garden Gates Landscaping Company recommends organic cut and cleaned pine straw in the Metairie and New Orleans. 

2. Soil Moisture

All plants thrive with consistent soil moisture that provides adequate water to help transport nutrients as well as hydrate the plant. Using the proper thickness of mulch in the landscape helps promote soil moisture retention as well as stops dehydration.

3. Reduces Weeds

Healthy plants develop strong roots reducing weeds in the garden. Mulch helps reduce weed growth by suppressing weed seed development due to lack of sunlight. When the proper thickness of mulch is installed, weed seeds do not root themselves deep into the soil.

4. Nutrients

Organic mulch products such as pine bark fines, decomposed bar, and pine straw provide nutrients to the landscape as the mulch breaks down over time.  In Metairie & New Orleans, pine straw is the best solution of both protecting plants and adding nutrients.  The core plant material pallet in New Orleans are acid-loving plants like Azaleas, Camellias, and Gardenia making pine straw the best choice. 

The Benefits of Mulching described above will provide years of healthy landscapes in the garden.  

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