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Landscape Design & Installation


It all starts with a list of ideas and a simple sketch. 

What happens along the way, is magical!

Our Process

During our initial meeting, we meet at the project site to discuss your ideas, desires and budget. We know how the careful placement of a flowering tree, a practical herb garden or a beautiful planter with sheared topiaries and cascading flowers can all bring beauty and sensibility to your garden.


As landscape designers, our job is to connect your personality and lifestyle with the design of your outdoor space so that you fall in love every time you come home. We manage every stage of the process through careful planning, open communication and attention to every detail to ensure you get the results you've always dreamed of.



Creating an exquisite garden is a true art form. Our designers consider the type of planting, the proper placement and long term factors to ensure that your garden will thrive. By understanding your garden's growing conditions as well as each plant's potential, we will determine the best design for your garden and budget.

Before planting, it is crucial to prepare the planting area properly and with sustainable products. Our team takes the time to ensure each step of this process is done correctly in order to produce a garden that flourishes and fulfills your vision.

Our dedicated team of landscape designers, horticulturalists, lighting and irrigation specialists at The Garden Gates Landscape Company can create an outdoor environment to meet all of your wants and needs, for today and in the future.

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